Cause and Effect: The Legacy of Mr Fluffy

  On a winter day, the roar of a motor and rushing air disturbs the cool calm of suburban Canberra. A man on the back of a truck cuts open a hessian sack and plunges his hand in, taking out a clump of loose, grey, fibrous material; dropping it into the beating metal blades of… Continue reading Cause and Effect: The Legacy of Mr Fluffy

Civil Defence: The Role of Troops in Domestic Threats

The Australian Government has today announced new powers, to clarify and expand the role the Australian Defence Force may play in responding to domestic terrorism threats. The exact details, and how these new powers are to be expressed in legislation, are yet to be revealed. But already they have provoked a strong and varied range… Continue reading Civil Defence: The Role of Troops in Domestic Threats

75 Years – The Fall of Singapore

Singapore was promoted as a fortress, an icon of British influence and prestige in the far east, and a point from which the empire could exercise power over its dominions in the Pacific. The reality of Singapore was quite different. Far from being an icon of British power and prestige, it typified an empire that… Continue reading 75 Years – The Fall of Singapore

The Media After Trump

These are perilous times for the media. At best media organisations are in a slump, while they search for a new and sustainable business model in a changing world. At worst, they are in a terminal decline as that changing world leaves them behind. Once, those titans who owned the print presses and the broadcast… Continue reading The Media After Trump

Reframing the 18C debate – The One Question

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The debate about s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has reemerged. It’s not a debate most Australians asked for, yet a vocal minority of mostly conservative white males have managed to garner it an inordinate amount of attention. For those not familiar with the Act, s 18C and its companion provision 18D were introduced… Continue reading Reframing the 18C debate – The One Question

Press Freedom Declines

What is happening to journalism? On the one hand the past decade has seen technology permit journalists to capture what is happening in the world in more ways than ever, and to share it faster via more mediums than ever before. It should be a time for vibrancy and diversity in journalism, a time for… Continue reading Press Freedom Declines

Sukumaran and Chan: No gain, only an ending.

Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are criminals, they would be the first to admit that. They committed a crime facilitating a scourge in society; trying to export drugs to Australia that are illicit, that fuel crime and that destroy lives. They deserve punishment for their crime, but not death. Some would argue that for trying… Continue reading Sukumaran and Chan: No gain, only an ending.

The Dark Side Of The Cup

The Melbourne Cup, oft described as the race that stops a nation, may be something of a cultural cliche, but with a heritage dating back over 150 years it’s also a tradition. It is an iconic part of Australian society and now a focal point of racing internationally. Think of the Melbourne Cup and you no… Continue reading The Dark Side Of The Cup

The Price: Resolving Mr Fluffy

  One billion dollars… that is the price. The price upfront of resolving in the ACT at least, the scourge of loose-fill asbestos insulation that has persisted for five decades. The ACT Government has today announced an agreement with the Commonwealth, that will give the territory access to financing of up to $1billion. The concessional loan… Continue reading The Price: Resolving Mr Fluffy