The Media After Trump

These are perilous times for the media. At best media organisations are in a slump, while they search for a new and sustainable business model in a changing world. At worst, they are in a terminal decline as that changing world leaves them behind. Once, those titans who owned the print presses and the broadcast… Continue reading The Media After Trump

Once More into the Breech

On an April afternoon in 1996, a man walked calmly into the Broad Arrow Café carrying a sports bag. He ordered a meal and sat on the deck overlooking Mason Cove; the ruins of the harsh, colonial era penitentiary opposite, reflected in the water. Nearby patrons observed the man talking to himself and appearing increasingly… Continue reading Once More into the Breech

Romney: The Sum of all fears?

Obama is weak and has made America timid. Obama is more a follower than a leader; a passive figure lacking clarity, lacking purpose and lacking resolve. He has deserted past and potential allies, and is guilty of allowing the Middle East to become a more dangerous region than when he took office. It’s less than… Continue reading Romney: The Sum of all fears?