Humanitarian Law and Just War

The course of human history has demonstrated the great cost to lives and property that inevitably comes with war.[1] As war has evolved over time, so too have diverse perspectives on thinking about it. At one extreme sits realism, asserting that in the pursuit of advantage, violence is human nature.[2]  Karl Von Clausewitz suggested that… Continue reading Humanitarian Law and Just War

The Weakest Link

  On one of the Kings Highway’s sharp, winding bends, you’ll pass a small cave near the top of Clyde Mountain. It’s the now blocked entrance to a tunnel leading into the mountain and under the road. Such was the importance of the road linking Canberra and the coast that during the Second World War,… Continue reading The Weakest Link

Paving a way for women in engineering

Spanning the East River in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge stands as an engineering and cultural icon. Upon its completion in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first to use steel-wire construction. At a ceremony marking the bridge’s opening, those gathered lavished praise on someone whose name was… Continue reading Paving a way for women in engineering