The Media After Trump

These are perilous times for the media. At best media organisations are in a slump, while they search for a new and sustainable business model in a changing world. At worst, they are in a terminal decline as that changing world leaves them behind. Once, those titans who owned the print presses and the broadcast… Continue reading The Media After Trump

The Coalition: A Question of Strategy

There’s a question lawyers must ask, when deciding whether or not to pursue a matter… is there a reasonable prospect of success? If the weight of the argument to be made doesn’t offer that prospect, they must not proceed. To do so vexatiously; to harass and injure, would be as Lord Blackburn warned, an abuse… Continue reading The Coalition: A Question of Strategy

Romney: The Sum of all fears?

Obama is weak and has made America timid. Obama is more a follower than a leader; a passive figure lacking clarity, lacking purpose and lacking resolve. He has deserted past and potential allies, and is guilty of allowing the Middle East to become a more dangerous region than when he took office. It’s less than… Continue reading Romney: The Sum of all fears?