75 Years – The Fall of Singapore

Singapore was promoted as a fortress, an icon of British influence and prestige in the far east, and a point from which the empire could exercise power over its dominions in the Pacific. The reality of Singapore was quite different. Far from being an icon of British power and prestige, it typified an empire that… Continue reading 75 Years – The Fall of Singapore

Press Freedom Declines

What is happening to journalism? On the one hand the past decade has seen technology permit journalists to capture what is happening in the world in more ways than ever, and to share it faster via more mediums than ever before. It should be a time for vibrancy and diversity in journalism, a time for… Continue reading Press Freedom Declines

Humanitarian Law and Just War

The course of human history has demonstrated the great cost to lives and property that inevitably comes with war.[1] As war has evolved over time, so too have diverse perspectives on thinking about it. At one extreme sits realism, asserting that in the pursuit of advantage, violence is human nature.[2]  Karl Von Clausewitz suggested that… Continue reading Humanitarian Law and Just War